Oct 26 • 1 min read

cvt7aduueaa5r11Assistant Professor of Finance, Cindy Axelrod, and Dr. John Soss took over 100 students to the offices of Brown Brothers Harriman on October 21, 2016 for the Fourth Annual Wall Street Day. The Wall Street Day is in its fourth year and has only grown since the Department of Finance began taking students in 2012. Undergraduate students from the Owl Fund, Fox Fund, Master of Business Administration and Specialized Master students enjoyed the day hearing from a panel of speakers in the industry which also consisted of Temple University alumni.

The panel was represented by Alan Cohen CLA ‘72 from Goldman Sachs, Kim Cross FOX ‘88 from Morgan Stanley, Joyce Mizerak FOX MBA ‘84 from JPMorgan Chase, Jonathan Shelon FOX ‘94 from KraneFunds, and Jerry Solomon CLA ‘85 from Capital Research Company.

The distinguished panel discussed their own careers, the stock market, bond markets, technology, emerging markets and career advice with students.

“Our students gained valuable career advice, management insights as well as real-world investment experience by connecting with our alumni. Wall Street Day clearly demonstrates the depth and the strength of an undergraduate and graduate degree from the Fox School of Business,” said Axelrod. The day was also of high-impact to our graduate students who attended. Dr. John Soss, Academic Director of the MS Finance Suite, added, “Wall Street Day recasts our student’s dedication and success in the classroom into exciting career opportunities. From invaluable insights into their career paths to sharing the current focus of Wall Street activity, our alumni offer an unfiltered view of both the hurdles and rewards to a successful banking career – the event is inspiring and reminds students to always dream big.”

Both Dr. Soss and Professor Axelrod look forward to building on this tradition to provide our students with unmatched real-world experience.