Sep 30 • 1 min read

Disrupting the Healthcare Status Quo with Dr. Stephen Klasko

klasko-casual-color-6982-5x7-214x300Dr. Stephen Klasko, President and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, captured the attention of our EMBA students at a recent class weekend on September 9th.

In an energetic talk, Dr. Klasko shared his vision for the future of healthcare, including innovative new ways to educate doctors and deliver quality healthcare to patients.

Dr. Klasko’s ability to successfully disrupt the status quo and foster creativity in a healthcare environment was an encouraging message to a room full of eager professionals. He shared stories from both the perspective of the doctor and of the patient and demonstrated how innovations in technology will move healthcare forward—all with the humor of looking at healthcare through a science fiction lens. Most interestingly, Dr. Klasko looked forward to how healthcare at Jefferson will be improved through the recent merger of Thomas Jefferson University with Philadelphia University, and how medical students and design students will work together.

Dr. Klasko’s guest speaking engagement during the EMBA class weekend was one in a series of regional C-Suite speakers woven throughout the 16-month program. Tying insights of these executives into the current curriculum allows for an alternative perspective, and constant reminder of what is possible in the future of each individual’s career path.

Dr. Klasko’s most recent book is called We CAN Fix Healthcare – The Future is NOW.