May 12 • 1 min read

Fox Focus Spring 2016 NewsIn his course “Law in American Society,” an animation of folk singer Willie Nelson, designed by Dr. Samuel D. Hodge, strums his guitar as he explains the difference between public and private law.

Professor of Legal Studies at the Fox School of Business, Hodge’s use such animations demonstrates his place as an innovative educator. Hodge served as the Academy for Teachers’ 2016 master teacher and lead a program on innovation in teaching in January, leading a one-day conference for elite high- school teachers.

The Academy for Teachers is an annual selective conference in New York City that’s intended for teachers. One master professor, as chosen by the Academy, leads a lesson for a number of selected high school teachers on innovative strategies in teaching. Previous master teachers include Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and historian Henry Louis Gates Jr.; Pulitzer Prize in Music winner David Lang; and renowned social and political activist Gloria Steinem.

“This was a total surprise,” he said. “I didn’t apply for it; they just called me out of the blue one day. Then I saw the list of people who have been selected before me and I said, ‘Why am I within that elite group?’ But I was, and it was exciting.”