Nov 5 • 1 min read

“Most companies stop creating their business plans because of the financials… Professor Carey makes them incredibly simple to understand” –Ellen Weber

On November 5, a packed room full of students gathered in the IEI Lab to listen to Professor Carey’s business plan workshop on financials. Specifically, his presentation focused on the past, present and future of financial tools used in business. He addressed the fear of the financials head on by saying, “The only reason they are scary is because there are so many variations, and not every textbook comes to the same conclusion.”

Prof. Carey discussed, in detail, past methods of financial planning, such as balance sheets and how businesses have progressed into using newer methods like the cash flow proforma. To maximize the learning opportunities for students in the session, he created a hypothetical scenario and worked with students step by step to fill out a cash flow proforma. This activity helped students better grasp this key concept all while enjoying a few laughs and some pizza.

At the end of the workshop, he engaged in a Q&A session with students.