Nov 12 • 1 min read

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute would like to thank everyone who participated in and contributed to the 18th Annual Innovative Idea competition.  We received an unprecedented amount of applications this year representing a large variety of majors and schools throughout Temple.

We would like to extend our congratulations to the 2015 winners:

Anne Nelson Grand Prize, $2500,  Stephen Peduto, Quick Stabilizing Carbon, College of Engineering
1st Place Graduate, Faculty, Staff or Alumni, $500,  Olawunmi Thomas-Quarcoo, Ka Bom Designs, Fox School of Business
2nd Place Graduate, Faculty, Staff or Alumni, $500,  Séverine Bandou, Myjé, Fox School of Business
1st Place Undergraduate, $1000,  Tyler Stoltzfus, Seed Dyes, Fox School of Business
2nd Place Undergraduate, $500,  Sabrina Zouaghi,  Self-Stabilizing Gloves, College of Science and Technology
1st Place People’s Choice, $1000,  Olawunmi Thomas-Quarcoo, Ka Bom Designs, Fox School of Business
2nd Place People’s Choice, $500,  Sabrina Zouaghi, Self-Stabilizing Gloves, College of Science and Technology
Global Innovation Prize, $500, Camille Bell, Poundcake, School of Media and Communication ’15