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Rebecca Maziarz

Rebecca Maziarz

Fox School of Business student Rebecca Maziarz has her eye on the ball.

As the newest recruit to the Philadelphia Phillies’ Ballgirls team, Maziarz is stepping up to the plate as one of 24 young women entrusted with scoping out foul balls during Phillies games in the 2015 season. She’ll also serve as a team ambassador in public appearances.

A junior Marketing major and minor in Management Information Systems (MIS) from Bucks County, Pa., Maziarz said she’s wanted to join the Phillies Ballgirls since high school. When she heard in October that the Major League Baseball team was recruiting for the upcoming season, she jumped at the opportunity to move from the bleachers to the field.

“I play intramural softball at Temple,” Maziarz said. “I’ve always been a big fan of baseball, specifically the Phillies. I’ve always loved the atmosphere at the ballpark.”

Showing off the hitting and fielding skills she honed in a four-year high school varsity softball playing career, Maziarz stood out among the 70 girls vying for a position. Coupling her ability with her interpersonal skills and warm personality, Maziarz was chosen as one of 13 rookies with the Phillies Ballgirls.

Maziarz will shadow one of 11 veteran Phillies Ballgirls for the first four games before being cleared for duty. She said the other Phillies Ballgirls take their responsibilities seriously and understand how one wrong move could impact the game.

“You have to be athletic and agile to field the ball cleanly,” Maziarz said. “You don’t want to pick up a fair ball. You have to be constantly paying attention.”

The Phillies Ballgirls are the face of the team and make 150 off-field appearances, including TV and radio interviews, school visits and charity events. Maziarz volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House Charity phone bank while the Phillies were in spring training. She will also aid the Phillies’ sustainability effort during the team’s Red Goes Green promotion April 22.

“The Ballgirls do so much more than just participate in the games,” Maziarz said. “They’re really active in the community and I love that.”

Though the Phillies Ballgirls commit to approximately 20 hours during game weeks, Maziarz remains dedicated to her schoolwork. Drawn to the Fox School for its reputation, Maziarz found her niche as a Marketing major. She’s taking 18 credits of coursework in the Spring 2015 semester, and she’s a member of the American Marketing Association student professional organization. She said her eventual goal is to break into the sports marketing industry.

“It’s been a great experience in Fox,” said Maziarz, who will remain with the Phillies Ballgirls through the 2016 season. “The courses are very challenging, but it helps keep me focused.”

Marziarz, one of the youngest Phillies Ballgirls, believes a great advantage of her position with the team is the potential to influence young girls.

“I’ve set goals for myself and I think young girls can learn from that,” the 21-year-old said. “It’s important for young girls to set goals and go after them because they can achieve them.”

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