Jun 5 • 2 min read

Youngjin Yoo, professor of management information systems (MIS) and director of the Temple Center for Design+Innovation, has been appointed senior editor for MIS Quarterly (MISQ), one of the premier journals in the discipline. His term, which started May 1, extends to June 30, 2016. He also started his duty as senior editor of Journal of the Association for Information Systems for the Interdisciplinary and Path Breaking Research section as of Sept. 1, 2013.

In addition, his paper titled, Toward Generalizable Sociomaterial Inquiry: A Computational Approach for ‘Zooming In & Out’ of Sociomaterial Routines, has recently been accepted for publication in MISQ. The paper was derived from research on organizational genetics, which applies analytic tools used in evolutionary biology to the study of organizational processes.

“I am humbled by the responsibility of these editorial positions,” Yoo said. “My research often focuses on the fringe of so-called mainstream of our community where I believe a lot of interesting and innovative ideas emerge. I would like to help other colleagues who pursue such innovative research programs in publishing and disseminating their ideas.”

Yoo, working with MIS Assistant Professors Sunil Wattal and Bin Zang, as well as Temple biology Assistant Professor Rob Kulathinal, has received $675,000 in grant funding for organizational genetics research from the National Science Foundation and French research foundation CIGREF.

Yoo is also principal investigator for Temple’s Urban Apps and Maps Studios, a university-wide initiative in which Temple students and faculty work with community members to create data sets and apps that address real city needs. Yoo particularly wants local middle- and high-school students to participate in hopes that they will grow into “civil digital entrepreneurs.”

Among his other recent achievements, Yoo was ranked ninth globally for research output, from 2010 to 2012, in the top two MIS journals: MISQ and Information Systems Research. He was also named one of the 52 “bold minds” in Philadelphia Magazine’s 2012 list of The Smartest People in Philadelphia.  –Alexis Wright-Whitley

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