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Courses are available for both undergraduate (SGM 3582) and graduate (SGM 5182) students and count as strategy, business school, or free electives. Both courses will give you feedback at a number of points prior to the competition so will help you put your best foot forward but neither course guarantees any prizes or awards in the competition. These are rigorous academic courses that require students to complete a business model and/or business plan as part of the course completion. Please contact individual professors if you have questions about either course.

More details on the courses are included below (please contact the instructors for permission to be added to either of the courses):

Independent Study – 20439 – SGM 3582 – 002

Do you have an idea for a new business? Want to learn how to write a business plan? Are you planning to enter the Be Your Own Boss Bowl (BYOBB) competition? Using a combination of workshops, online content, classroom sessions, and a network of mentors this independent study course will help you create a high-quality business plan. In addition to working with the faculty member teaching the course, students will be paired with a successful entrepreneur or business person who will mentor them as well as give them feedback / advi
ce for the various sections of the business plan. We cannot guarantee that students will win any money in the BYOBB, but we will give you the tools necessary to explore your idea, assess its viability, and present it in a high-quality business plan. This course is open to all students except entrepreneurship majors (E-ship majors should take SGM 4596).

Please email Jaine Lucas at jaine.lucas@temple.edu to be registered for the course and for more information

Independent Study – 23188 – SGM 5182 – 002

In this independent study course student teams will be developing business models, plans, and pitches for Temple’s BYOBB (over $200,000 in prizes) or other national competitions including Rice’s internationally renowned business plan competition (over $1 million in prizes) and the NIH-Avon Breast Cancer Start-up Challenge ($ millions in funding for Avon-NIH technology-based start-ups). Students with ideas as well as those with a passion for entrepreneurship are encouraged to take this course where they will be organized into teams to compete in these competitions. The course is run by Dr. Andrew Maxwell who has mentored more than 100 new ventures as they raised $ millions from angel and venture capital sources.

Please email Dr. Maxwell at andrew.maxwell@temple.edu to be enrolled in the course.