The Fox School of Business offers a PhD in Business Administration with a concentration in Tourism and Sport. This concentration is unique, as it builds upon the power of Fox in conjunction with the School of Sport, Tourism, and Hospitality Management (STHM). Ongoing research in the concentration includes work in three primary areas: Marketing and Social Engagement which unitizes interdisciplinary research to examine academic and industry developments at the individual, consumer, employee and community levels; Strategic Management and Experience Design to address the strategic development and branding of service organizations; and Economics and Asset Management to conduct economics and econometric analysis, finance, strategic decision making, revenue management, and industry studies. The Tourism and Sport concentration is designed to prepare PhD students for  faculty positions at universities that offer hospitality, recreation, sport, and tourism degrees.  STHM graduates have accepted positions at universities such as the University of Florida, University of Denver, University of Minnesota, James Maddison University, Loughborough University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Colorado State University, University of Surrey, Virginia Technology University and University of Houston.

The concentration has 14 full-time, highly productive faculty members that have collectively produced over 240 papers for refereed academic journals since July 2011. The STHM faculty have editorial board appointments at leading academic journals and are regularly published in leading journals, including the International Journal of Hospitality Management, Journal of Travel Research, Journal of Sport Management, Journal of Leisure Research, Leisure Sciences, Sport Management Review, Sport Marketing Quarterly, and Tourism Management. Our PhD students work closely with faculty on research projects and papers.  Our students regularly present at national and international conferences and have received awards for best paper at various conferences.

The Tourism and Sport concentration provides students an opportunity to advance their research and teaching skills.  The course work takes approximately two years and provides students with an appropriate blend of theoretical and methodological courses to support their research program.  Each student will have a faculty mentor to offer guidance about research projects and advice on career development. Students also work as research assistants on existing projects with faculty and industry professionals as well as enter competitions to secure funding for their research.  The Tourism and Sport concentration allows students to gain valuable classroom training serving as lecturers and teaching assistants in the STHM undergraduate program.  Throughout the program, students will have access to job skills workshops and professional development seminars to assist their efforts in applying for and interviewing for faculty positions.

For more information please consult the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management website.

Financial Aid

All students admitted to the Tourism and Sport concentration are considered for full financial support. Funding typically comes in the form of an assistantship and includes full tuition and stipend for at least four years, based on adequate progress and annual evaluations.  Students receiving financial support are expected to work as research and teaching assistants for 20 hours a week.  Research and teaching hours are allocated by the Tourism and Sport concentration advisor. Fellowship consideration will be given to applications received by December 15th.