Examity® Online Proctoring

Online Proctoring

Since 2013, the Fox School of Business has partnered with Examity®, an online proctoring service, to ensure the academic integrity of online assessments. Both graduate and undergraduate classes at Fox make use of Examity® to live monitor and review students during assessments. Learn more below about Examity® and how it works here at Fox.

Why Proctoring?

With the internet readily accessible via smartphones, computers and tablets, students can easily search for anything online. Due to the nature of assessments, live, online proctoring helps to curtail cheating and academic dishonesty through student authentication and monitoring during exams or assessments. Cheating does a disservice to the student and to the school. Fox takes academic integrity seriously as it is key to the success of our students and programs.

Why Examity®?

Fox has reviewed the different online proctoring services available and found Examity® the superior product currently on the market. Examity® offers individual, live proctoring sessions that are recorded and reviewed by proctors. Their affordable solution and customer services are best in class.

How Does Examity Work?

Examity® is assessable through your Canvas course. Students will be required to set up an account with Examity® for authentication and payment purposes. Authentication includes uploading a copy of a student ID or driver’s license, providing security questions, and keystroke analysis. Students can register, cancel and reschedule assessments with ease. Most exams are available for a 24-72 hour window enabling students to register to complete an assessment 24/7.

How Do I Complete an Assessment?

To complete an assessment, students will log in with a proctor in a WebEx-like environment. After authentication, they can begin the assessment, which requires audio and video streaming throughout the duration of the assessment. Each assessment is recorded, reviewed for infractions and shared with faculty. Students should arrive 10-15 minutes early for the assessment to account for authentication.

What Do I Need?

Students must have a webcam and headset microphone for assessments. They must be seen and heard for the duration of an assessment and will not be permitted to access the assessment if their equipment does not work. A high-speed internet connection is required. Students should have at least 8Mb download and 5Mb upload speeds in order to take the assessment. We recommend students test their internet speed prior to logging in with the proctor (www.speedtest.net).

How Much Does It Cost?

Examity® prices vary depending upon the length of an assessment. A one-hour exam or assessment will cost $15; a two-hour exam or assessment will cost $22. There are additional fees for cancellation or registration less than 24-hour prior to the exam or assessment and there are no refunds for missed or cancelled exams.

Does My Class Use Examity®?

All faculty teaching online can select to use Examity® for their course assessments. Courses using Examity® will have it listed in their syllabi at the beginning of the semester. Each course that selects to use Examity may do so for several assessments over the semester.


Examity® technical support is available 24/7 to assist with any problems. You can reach them at support@examity.com , 855-392-6489.