Why Proctoring?

Some courses at Fox and STHM use online proctoring services for learning integrity. These services protect the academic content and work of faculty as well as students. These tools are part of preserving the accreditation of programs at Fox and STHM as well as the university at large. 

The online proctoring tools used at Fox and STHM may ask students to secure their physical environment, lockdown their web browsers, and confirm their identity. Specific exam settings may vary by course, faculty needs, and exam requirements. Proctoring is an essential component of test and exam delivery, and these online proctoring services bring the security of in-person proctoring to faculty and students participating in online learning.

Alternatively, faculty may choose to use Zoom to monitor students live or by having students record themselves to proctor exams.

Proctorio® Online Proctoring

Why Proctorio®?

This proctoring service integrates directly into Canvas and provides AI monitoring for your exams. Students do not need to schedule ahead of time and faculty can customize how students are being monitored during the exam.

Proctorio® is fully integrated within Canvas and offers an extensive automated (AI) remote proctoring service. Proctorio® verifies student identity, monitors video, audio and desktop recording, and allows for varying instructor security controls including flexible lockdown browsing. Students do not need to schedule for this service and faculty can use it multiple times within their course.

To access this service, students will navigate to the exam area within your Canvas course. Once students start the exam, Proctorio® will initiate the exam setup. Students should expect the startup process to take up to 10 minutes, however, the time to complete the startup process will not affect their exam time.

Students are required to have a Temple ID, high-speed internet connection of at least 8Mb download and 5Mb upload speeds, computer with a web camera and microphone, and the Chrome Proctorio® browser extension. Proctorio® only works with Chrome.

The University is charged $10 per student for use of Proctorio®. Please strongly consider if this option is necessary for your course.

All faculty teaching online can choose to use Proctorio® for their course assessments. Courses using Proctorio® will have it listed in their syllabi at the beginning of the semester. Each course that selects to use Proctorio® may do so for several assessments over the semester.

  • Proctorio® Support: General support for faculty and students. This site provides access to Proctorio’s 24/7 online chat (available through the “chat bubble” icon in the lower left of the page).
    • Email: support@proctorio.com
    • Phone: 866-948-9087 or 480-428-4076
  • For quick questions about Proctorio®, contact foxonline@temple.edu

Proctorio® Guides & Resources