Canvas is Temple University’s Learning Management System (LMS). All online courses and most face-to-face courses use Canvas to host discussion boards, post assignments, link to videos, keep track of grades, and more.

Canvas provides a repository for assignments, exams, articles, discussion and other online resources for a particular course. When a Canvas course is structured well, faculty create a positive online environment for students, where expectations are clear and assignments are easy to find. By placing material on Canvas for students to review prior to class, faculty can use classroom time for active learning strategies to engage students and help them achieve higher levels of learning.

Faculty: Below are some resources to help you create a dynamic Canvas course. We offer Canvas Drop-In Sessions, the Fox Online Teaching Certificate, and the Fox Online Teaching Portal. If you need any assistance in creating your Canvas course or if you would like to receive any of our Canvas templates, please contact the Online and Digital Learning Department.

Having Issues with Canvas?

If you need assistance, tell the Canvas Community about it! When logged into Canvas, select the “Help” link found in your Global Navigation to identify the appropriate course of action. One of their awesome trainers will get back to you, directly.

Canvas Guides


General Settings:

  1. Navigating Canvas
  2. Adjust Account and Notification Settings
  3. Sync Canvas Calendar
  4. Canvas Inbox – How to Email through Canvas
  5. Getting Started with Qwickly

I. Create a Canvas Course

  1. Create a Sandbox Course
  2. Create a Course Shell in Canvas and Add Multiple CRNs
  3. Importing Course Content into Canvas
  4. Updating Your Course Settings
  5. Renaming Your Course
  6. Adjusting Course Navigation Menu
  7. Adding Zoom to Course Navigation
  8. LTI Integration in Canvas (MH Connect & Pearson)

II. Canvas Course Setup

  1. Adding People to your Canvas Course
  2. Designating a Home Screen in Canvas
  3. The New Rich Content Editor
  4. How to Upload & Organize Files
  5. Create and Use Pages in Canvas
  6. Create and Use Modules in Canvas
  7. Create an Announcement in Canvas
  8. Publishing Your Course

III. Create Assignments

  1. Create Assignments in Canvas
  2. Create Assignment Groups in Canvas
  3. Exams and Quizzes
  4. Create Discussion Boards in Canvas
  5. Publishing Assignments
  6. Create an SFF Assignment

IV. Grading in Canvas

  1. GradeBook Basics
  2. SpeedGrader
  3. Rubrics

V. ADA Compliance

  1. ADA Compliance and Accessibility
  2. Checking Accessibility in Canvas
  3. DRS Accommodations
  4. Accessible Documents
  5. Audio and Video


For Canvas Guides, please visit the Canvas Community