Rudy Yaksick

Assistant Professor of Instruction

  • Finance
Office: Alter Hall 432
Phone: 215-204-3296

Rudy Yaksick joins the Fox School on a non-tenure-track appointment within the Department of Finance.

An educator and financial economist, Yaksick brings more than 30 years of experience in the fields of investment banking, entrepreneurial finance, and investment management (alternative assets). His consulting accomplishments include the design of a $500 million infrastructure fund targeting South Asia (Asian Development Bank); small-scale hydropower fund (Nepal-Clean Energy Development Bank); and a fund of venture capital funds (Saudi Arabian Ministry of Commerce & Industry).

He previously taught MBA-level finance and economics courses at Clark University and Boston University. His international assignments include Gulf University for Science and Technology (Kuwait), King Saud University (Saudi Arabia), and most recently, Wenzhou-Kean University (China).

Yaksick has a Master of Arts degree and has completed all his coursework and exams but for his dissertation in Regional Science from the University of Pennsylvania. He also holds a Master of Arts degree in Regional Economics from Boston College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh.