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Navigating the iron cage: An institutional creation perspective of collegiate eSports

November 10, 2020

eSports are becoming increasingly popular at U.S. colleges and universities. Currently, collegiate eSports programs are spread primarily across two departments: athletics and student affairs, with athletics often highlighted as their most viable home. Anthony Pizzo and his co-authors investigated how these athletic and student affairs departments deal with integrating eSports. Their findings indicate that directors […]

eSport management: Embracing eSport education and research opportunities

November 10, 2020

Consumer demand for eSport and the growth of organized video game competitions has generated considerable attention from the sport, event, and entertainment industries. eSport therefore represents a novel and popular area for sport management academics to conduct research, educate students, and service industry. Daniel Funk, Anthony Pizzo and Bradley Baker argue for the inclusion of […]

At a crossroads: The Senior Woman Administrator designation

November 10, 2020

Instead of fulfilling its original promise to give women a seat at the table in athletics, the NCAA’s Senior Woman Administrator (SWA) designation might be stifling their careers, says Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor and her colleagues uncovered the unintended consequences and mixed feelings that SWAs experience within their departments as a result of their designation. Participants […]