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The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) coaches on sales agents

November 10, 2020

Whether training employees or interacting with customers, firms today are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) more frequently because of AI’s improving data-driven capabilities. Xueming Luo and Marco Qin investigate how AI coaches affect human performance—and the different caveats or drawbacks that come with it. In their experiment, they discovered an inverted U-shaped relationship between AI training […]

A switch in time saves the dime: A model to reduce rental cost in cloud computing

November 10, 2020

Modern organizations that rent cloud computing services are constantly searching for ways to reduce operating costs while still meeting their offline needs. Leila Hosseini reasons that, for these companies, it is actually more cost effective to use multiple computing resources to achieve lower overall rental costs. However, this idea is dependent on the cost of […]