Will my wireless connection work at any of Temple’s wireless zones?

Once you set up your laptop using the instructions on this site, it will work in any of the wireless zones listed on this site.

Does my residence hall room offer wireless Internet access?

Individual residence hall rooms do not offer wireless Internet access. Some of the residence hall lounge areas, however, do offer wireless access. Click on the locations tab on the top of the screen for residence hall wireless zone locations.

How much does a wireless card cost?

802.11b wireless cards cost approximately $50.

How do I install a wireless card?

Because of the variety cards and operating systems, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions. If you need assistance with setting up your wireless card, please contact the Computer Services Help Desk (Wachman Hall, Ground Floor, 215-204-8000) during normal business hours.

Do wireless cards consume a lot of power?

Yes. Laptop batteries are depleted considerably faster when using a wireless card.

On certain occasions, I have trouble connecting, even though I am within a wireless network zone. Why is that?

Wireless networks behave similarly to cellular phone technology in that you may sometimes encounter “dead” zones. In this case, try moving to another location within the wireless zone. The Office of Telecommunications is working with our wireless vendor, Symbol Technologies, to address these kinds of issues.

I can barely see my computer screen outside. Is there something I can do to improve the display?

When outside in daylight, it may help you to raise the brightness level on your screen. Note that on some laptops you must use a certain combination of keyboard keys to adjust the brightness level. If you are unsure how to adjust to the brightness level on your screen, refer to the documentation that came with your computer.