Will my wireless connection work at any of Temple’s wireless zones?

Once you set up your laptop/tablet/cellphone using the instructions on this site, your tusecurewireless connection will work within the range of Temple’s campus.

Where is the lost and found located?

Lost and founded is located within Speakman Lower Level 3 (the AV office) or the front desk of the Dean’s office.

How do I submit slides for Digital Signage?

Using the link at the bottom of this site, you can submit your slides/information for use in digital signage within Fox.

I am a staff/faculty member and am in need of technical help.

You may contact Fox IT directly at ext. 1-6597, or email us at foxit@temple.edu.

I am in need of technical help within a classroom/conference room/event space.

You may contact Fox AV directly at ext. 1-4177, or email us at foxav@temple.edu.

I cannot remember my password for/am locked out of TU Portal.

Using Temple University’s Account Management page, you can reset your password.
If you are locked out of your account, you will have to call ext. 1-8000 (TU Helpdesk) and request that your account be unlocked.

I am a student and am currently having technical difficulties with my laptop.

Fox IT & AV does not handle or otherwise service personal items. For all student technical requests, please go to the tech center which is located on 1801-33 N. 12th street. Consequently, for all incoming freshman students, please see Fox’s laptop mandate about purchasing options as well as hardware & software specifications.