Entrepreneurial Internship Program


The Entrepreneurial Internship program at Fox is available to all students throughout Temple University. We provide a structured environment that enriches students’ internship experience while at the same time assuring the highest value to participating sponsor companies. As part of the program we help match creative, proactive students with internships at entrepreneurial, high-growth, or innovation- focused organizations. During the internship experience, students are engaged in high-impact activities, receive direct mentoring from leaders in sponsoring companies, and are managed throughout the process by instructors that are experienced executive coaches in their own right.

The core of this program is our Entrepreneurial Internship course (SGM 3685) which includes a 100 hour onsite internship (typically unpaid). This course is required of all entrepreneurship majors and can be taken as a business or free elective for other majors throughout Temple (the course can also be taken multiple times by students). The course is designed to help students get the most out of project-based internships which have a specific project and deliverable that will be completed during the period of the internship (typically 10 to 15 weeks) and creates new value for the sponsoring company. Click Opportunities to see current internships available.

Three courses provide a sequence of Entrepreneurship internships:

  • SGM 3585 Incubator  Internship, learn as a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Start as early as sophomore year. Examples of places to work include SBDC, CrowdCampus, IEI Lab, DreamIt, NextFab.
  • SGM 3685 work in a entrepreneurial  new venture as an undergraduate student, helping students understand new value for the organization they are working with.
  • SGM 5182 work in a entrepreneurial  new venture as a graduate student.

How to register?

In order for you to benefit from this program and have a great internship experience, it is recommended that you start planning for your internship far in advance of the semester in which you want to do an internship. (Note: The process of matching your interests and strengths to a company and project can take a month or more – don’t leave things till the last minute).

Follow these steps to select your internship:

  1. It is essential that you register early for this program as this is not a simple course, we will match you into a company based on your skill and interest.Check the Opportunities, complete Profile and Promise documents.
  2. Register for SGM3585, New Venture Internship, SGM3685 and SGM5182.
  3. We will contact you to make an appointment with Professor Jane Frankel to discuss your internship choices.

Course Requirements

This course involves a 100 hour project that must create new value for the sponsoring company or organization. A project plan and status report are required and are template-driven, along with four check-in meetings for peer- to- peer discussion of progress projects. Finally, the interns create a guide book for the sponsoring company or organization to document the project, all of its components and the value created.


Feel free to contact Prof. Jane Frankel, the program leader: janehf@temple.edu