Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate business students at Temple’s Fox School may earn a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a major in international business (IB). All IB majors complete four semesters of a foreign language as well as studies in a specific business discipline. Through specialized courses in international economics, finance and general and strategic management, they develop an understanding of the functional areas of international businesses and prepare for positions in multinational firms or international public institutions.

The Fox School offers joint BBA programs in conjunction with the Centre d’Etudes Franco-Americain de Management (CEFAM) and the American Business School (ABS), both located in France. CEFAM and ABS students can complete their senior year and earn their BBA degree at Temple University. The partnership between The Fox School and CEFAM began in 1986, and its success led to the establishment of a similar relationship with ABS in 1997. Currently, over 200 CEFAM and ABS students hold a Temple BBA degree. Many Temple/CEFAM and Temple/ABS alumni remain in the U.S. to work or attend graduate school. Graduates have an excellent track record of admission to high-quality MBA programs and pursue successful careers throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia.

In addition, we have recently introduced the International (American) Bachelors Degree Program presented jointly by the Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Mumbai, INDIA and The Fox School.

The International Business Association (IBA) at The Fox School is an undergraduate and graduate student professional organization that promotes and advances the study of international business. Working closely with The Fox School’s Center for Student Professional Development, IBA provides opportunities for students to develop leadership and communication skills; obtain top-notch internships, co-ops and permanent job placement; develop their own international professional and social network; and interact with students from around the world. In addition, IBA sponsors mentoring programs, guest speakers and field trips to the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the New York Stock Exchange. IBA also has a membership alliance with the World Trade Association of Philadelphia.

Graduate Programs

Offered in conjunction with Institut de Gestion Sociale (IGS University) in Paris, The Fox School’s International MBA (IMBA) program is a unique approach to international business education. It allows a culturally and ethnically diverse group of talented students to study together on three continents: in Paris at IGS University, in Philadelphia at Temple University’s Main Campus, and in Tokyo at Temple University Japan. Students come from around the world, from New Zealand to Canada, Bulgaria to mainland China. Professional advisory boards in both Philadelphia and Paris help ensure that the program provides information and skills relevant to today’s global marketplace.

IMBA students can extend their studies in the U.S. by pursuing a Master of Science in Business Administration degree. The IMBA/MS option lets students add advanced knowledge of aspecialized area such as marketing or finance to the broad strategic knowledge of international business provided by the IMBA.

Established in 1996, the Executive MBA program in Japan brings the quality and experience of The Fox School’s highly successful EMBA program in Philadelphia to executives overseas. Offered at Temple University Japan, the program enrolls participants from managers to presidents. They progress together in a thoroughly rewarding interactive classroom environment that fosters close ties with executives from other companies as well as their own. Classes are held one day per weekend, allowing participants to manage both their academic and professional responsibilities. The degree is conferred by Temple University Main Campus.

Ph.D. Programs

BA in International Business


Your doctoral program will consist of five or six core courses, and seven upper level courses. These are described in greater detail in the next section.

  • Students may transfer up to 6 hours of credit (2 courses) from a recognized doctoral (not masters) program upon approval by the Program director. Such approval will be based on a decision by the program director (with the input from the course instructor) that the course(s) in question are good substitutes for specific courses in the Ph.D. in Business course of study and evidence of exemplary performance in the course (essentially an A or A-).
  • Students who have taken courses in their master’s studies that are good substitutes for or go beyond courses required for the Ph.D. in Business program of study may request waivers for those courses. If the waiver is granted the student will be allowed to substitute an additional, higher level course for the course waived. Waivers do not reduce the number of courses required for the doctorate.


  • STAT 8112/BA 9101 – Statistical Methods Bus Research I
  • BA 9103 – Economic Theory of Choice

Students must take at least 45 foundation theoretical courses from the following list:

Theoretical Foundations in Economics
  • BA 9104 – Game Theory
  • BA 9205 – Information Economics
  • BA 9301 – Financial Economics
  • BA 9108 – Capital Markets Research
Theoretical Foundations in Key Management Disciplines
  • BA 9201 – Organization and Management Theory
  • IB 9001 – Theories of International Business
  • Courses may be selected from other departments in the University with the approval of the Concentration Advisor/Coordinator and the Ph.D. BA Program Director. Courses will be reviewed by the Doctoral Programs Committee. New Fox theoretical foundation courses may also be proposed and submitted for approval.

Three of the following:

  • BA 9002 – Scientific Inquiry in Management Research
  • BA 9105 – Econometric Analysis I
  • STAT/BA 9201 – Quantitative Research Methods
  • BA 9202 – Qualitative Research Methods and Theory Building
  • STAT 8113/BA 9102 – Statistical Methods Bus Research II
  • STAT 8108/BA 9206 – Advanced Multivariate Analysis
  • STAT 8114 – Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
  • BA 9106 – Econometric Analysis II
  • IB 9001 Theory of International Business and Multinational Firms
  • IB 9002 Research Methods in International Business
  • IB 9090 Special Topics in International Business