When it comes to career exploration, career transition or career advancement—it can seem overwhelming!

CSPD provides resources, programs, and services at every stage of the career planning process. Review our programming schedule, access resources or contact us for a private appointment to learn more about how the CSPD grad team can assist with:

  • Career advancement or transition strategies
  • Job offer and salary negotiation
  • Preparing for industry professional trade shows and conferences and affinity group national career events
  • Mock behavioral or case interviews for employment,
  • online networking recommendations, including LinkedIn reviews
  • Enhancement of professional relationships to reach your goals.

Schedule an appointment with your career counselor through Handshake to learn about how to use these resources enabling you to become the architect of your future!

ResourceResource Description
First ResearchFirst Research is a leading provider of industry intelligence over 1000 industry segments. Use this industry directory to view highlights from industry reports to gain visibility into growing markets and understand trends and forecasts.
HooversHoovers is a comprehensive commercial database of more than 120 million business records both public and private, around the world: including the UK, Europe, Asia Pacific and emerging markets. Use this database in your job search to target companies based on size, location, industry, competitors and more.
UniWorldUse UniWorld to find Jobs with Multinational companies and succeed in your career and industry.
12Twenty12Twenty provides students with data on companies’ salaries and interview processes, potentially helping them to be more effective pay negotiators.
Intro VideoA custom, interview based 40 second professional branding video designed to showcase your student’s Core Skills, their passion, who they are professionally and the value they bring to an organization.
JobscanJobscan is a tool that gives job seekers an instant analysis of how well their resume is tailored for a particular job and how it can be even better optimized for an ATS.
VMockVMock is a 24-7 online resume-review tool, that leverages data-science, machine learning, and natural language processing to provide instant personalized feedback on your resume based on criteria gathered from employers and global best practices.
VMock AspireVMock Aspire provides pointed guidance to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings and ensures that your draw as many LinkedIn profile views as possible!
Big InterviewBig Interview is the world’s leading virtual practice interview training software. This training system features a new and innovative way to help you prepare more effectively for a job interview.
GoinGlobalGoinGlobal is a premier database service providing students and professionals the resources to find career opportunities domestically and internationally.
HandshakeHandshake is the largest early talent recruiting platform connecting employers, talent, and colleges in one place. Students can customize their job search, apply for jobs and internships, and even schedule an appointment with a career coach using this comprehensive virtual resource.
CanvasCanvas digital learning environment is the industry leading learning management platform. Canvas makes education more efficient and effective.