Fraudulent Job Postings

Recently, some Fox students have received fraudulent emails from fake employers promoting non-existent job opportunities as a way to steal sensitive personal information and money. The criminals, sometimes using a hacked “” email address, pretend to be working with Temple students, Handshake, a career services office or other Temple organization. They are not working with CSPD or any other Temple University group. 

Please protect yourself from fraudulent emails and be aware of these common red flags: 

  • The hourly pay seems “too good to be true” or they offer you a position without interviewing you. 
  • The employer contacts you via text message, with no in-person contact. 
  • The employer claims to be “out of town/out of the country” and needs you to run errands for them. 
  • The employer asks you to send them money or offers to send you a check in advance of completing any work. 

Click here to view a complete list of red flags to considerIf you have any questions or are concerned about the legitimacy of any job opening, please contact CSPD before applying.  

Note: Fraudulent jobs are not only advertised via email. If you apply for a job through LinkedIn, Indeed, Handshake, etc., and the company exhibits suspicious behavior, please come and speak with a CSPD staff member immediately. Temple IT posts phishing alerts that they are aware of on their website. Please be sure to check this page if you are unsure if an email is legitimate. If you received a phishing email, please forward it to for investigation.