Graduate Events

2/2/2021 CSPD Tool Tour: Jobscan/VMock
2/4/2021 Leverage Your Strengths: an Interactive Workshop
2/9/2021 Careers in Management Consulting
2/11/2021 Graduate CSPD Bootcamp IV1: Managing Your Personal Brand–Your Professional Online Brand
2/16/2021 CSPD Tool Tour: First Research/Hoovers
2/25/2021 Graduate CSPD Bootcamp IV1: Video Interviewing
3/2/2021 CSPD Tool Tour: Uniworld/GoinGlobal/Interstride
3/4/2021 Graduate CSPD Presents: Starting a New Job–Building Your 30/60/90 Day Plan
3/9/2021 Be Yourself–Authenticity and Professional Development
3/11/2021 Graduate CSPD Bootcamp IV2: Talk Less/Say More
3/16/2021 CSPD Tool Tour: Big Interview
3/25/2021 Graduate CSPD Bootcamp V1: Are you authorized to work? An International Student’s Key to Professional and Personal Success thru Effective Communication
3/30/2021 CSPD Tool Tour: 12Twenty
4/1/2021 A Call to Recharge: How to Avoid Burnout
4/8/2021 Graduate CSPD Bootcamp V2: Are you authorized to work? International Students — Build Your Community
2/18/2021 Effective Virtual Interviewing for Your Career Success
3/19/2021 Careers in Finance and Accounting
04/08/2021 MBA/MS Networking Morning