The Center for Competitive Government (formerly the Privatization Research Center) deals with description, evaluation and planning of innovations by government. Current research projects include the following:

  • identification of “best practices” in competitive government
  • city by city and state by state comparisons of innovative practices in government
  • privatization of police, water and wastewater and transportation facilities
  • restructuring police emergency response, including burglar alarms
  • public-private partnerships of free trade zones
  • national analysis of contracting-out efforts, including states’ human services.


Dr. Simon Hakim – Simon Hakim CV 

Call for Papers

The Digital City

Drs. Simon Hakim and Robert M. Clark invite interested authors to submit an abstract for a chapter in an upcoming book about technology innovations in cities. The objective of the book is to highlight technological innovations that provide efficient public service delivery, improve quality of life, and enhance information delivery. Chapters should discuss case studies in technology and managerial innovation and may address issues such as:

  • Building citizen engagement, collaboration, and government transparency with information technology
  • The role of Broadband in the creative urban economy
  • Creating sustainable solutions with technology
  • Enhancing the security of our cities through technology
  • Technology as an urban economic development engine
  • Creating government efficiency through a mobile workforce
  • Digital mapping and structural information of cities
  • Public-Private Partnerships in creating and managing urban innovations.

Contributors from academia, government, industry, and consulting are invited to propose chapters. We wish to include a variety of topics and author disciplines, and encourage examples of international urban technology innovations. A chapter is usually 15-20 double spaced pages and should not exceed 30 pages. The deadline for submission of an abstract is April 15, 2011. If you are interested in proposing a chapter for the book, please submit an abstract and a short bio of the authors to Professor Simon Hakim at

The Mayor’s Summits

  • Mayor’s Technology Summit 2013: The Power of Civic Innovation
  • Mayor’s Technology Summit 2010: The Digital City
  • Mayors’ Technology Summit 2008: Solutions for Safe Communities and Economic Sustainability
  • Mayors’ Technology Summit 2004: Homeland Security, Safety and Economic Development
  • Mayor’s Technology Summit 2003: Homeland Security, Safety and Economic Development
  • Conference of Mayors and CEOs 2001: Seizing the Opportunity of E-Government
  • Conference of Mayors 2000: Making Government Work

Presentations & Multimedia

Media Interviews

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Mission, Goals & Strategies

The Center for Government and Technology will provide a leadership forum in public management to foster innovative public-private partnership solutions to local government problems. The Center will promote the improvement of the management of local government services, including health and human services, education, public safety, the administration of justice, transportation, and public services using technology and telecommunications through research, education, and public forums.


The Center helps governments identify candidates for privatization and outsourcing, and suggests step-by-step procedures for restructuring public services. The Center organizes conferences, conducts research and consulting projects, publishes reports, books, and articles in academic/professional journals and magazines.

The Center also has substantial experience in conducting large-scale consumer satisfaction surveys for the airport industry. Survey instruments have been developed, verified for statistical significance, and administered to airport passengers and visitors. Center staff have analyzed the results and prepared reports for airport management. Center members have also conducted large-scale consumer surveys for the electronic security industry. They have also participated in surveying a population for regional airport usage. Surveys, especially of airport users, have been an important component of the Center’s activities.

The Center is part of the Fox School of Business and Management. Dr. Simon Hakim is the director and can be reached at or by phone 215-806-5019.