BA 2196: Business Communications

BA 2196: Business Communications is the flagship course of the Business Communications Center. This is a required course for all majors in the Fox School of Business, and is designed to help students develop and refine their professional written and oral communication skills. The BCC administers and oversees over 60 sections of BA 2196 (roughly 1,200 students) every year.

In this writing-intensive course, students will:

  • Review the purpose and style of business writing
  • Write and analyze letters, memoranda, electronic messages, and formal papers
  • Prepare and present brief oral presentations
  • Hone reading and writing skills through peer-editing exercises

NOTE: BA 2196 is also a University Core Writing course. Students taking this course as a requirement need a grade of C- or better for the class to count towards graduation.

Philadelphia Futures Partnership

During the summer, the BCC partners with Philadelphia Futures. This writing-intensive program is designed to provide local high school students with the written and oral communication skills necessary for post-secondary education.