Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) educational seminars, workshops, and events provide up-to-date, information on a wide variety of government topics and are designed to educate entrepreneurs about the government marketplace. The educational programs present basic government topics as well as more advanced and specific government strategic topics with emphasis on networking and building long term business relationships.

The topics presented include the following:

  • Introduction to Government Marketing
  • Advanced Government Marketing
  • Finding Federal Procurement Government Opportunities
  • Finding Local, City & State Government Opportunities
  • Research Strategies for Accessing Government Markets
  • Understanding FAR and DFAR Government Clauses

The seminars and workshops feature experts and leaders from government entities, professional resource partners and technical government market specialists.

The focus of the training is to provide entrepreneurs with an overview of the government arena, insight and information on government programs, tips and hints on how the government purchases good and services with technical guidance to effectively pursue government contracts. Further, the training teaches entrepreneurs how to create market visibility with strategies for successful marketing to the government.

The goal is to teach entrepreneurs how to navigate the government websites, obtain government contracts, and grow their business through successful government contracting.