Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure that the review and publication of your paper in the Journal of International Management is as swift and efficient as possible. These notes may be copied freely.

Submission to this journal has transitioned to an online process. Please use the electronic submission tool at After registration, authors will be asked to upload their article and associated artwork. The submission tool will generate a PDF file to be used for the reviewing process. The submission tool generates an automatic reply which incorporates the manuscript number for future correspondence.

Full instructions on how to use the online submission tool are available at the above web address

Review Process

All contributions are read by two or more referees to ensure both accuracy and relevance, and revisions to the script may thus be required. On acceptance, contributions are subject to editorial amendment to suit house style. When a manuscript is returned for revision prior to final acceptance, the revised version must be submitted as soon as possible after the author’s receipt of the referee’s reports. Revised manuscripts returned after six months will be considered as new submissions subject to full re-review.

Suggestions for Potential Reviewers

Authors are invited to provide the names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of potential reviewers. It would not be appropriate to nominate individuals that have had any input into the manuscripts submitted or any recent collaboration with the authors. The Editors may or may not take these suggestions into account during the reviewing process.


The submission of a paper will imply that, if accepted for publication, it will not be published elsewhere in the same form, in any language, without the consent of the Publisher. Before publication, authors are requested to assign copyright to Elsevier Ltd to sanction reprints and photocopies, and to authorize the reprinting of complete issues or volumes according to demand. It is the author’s responsibility to obtain written permission to quote material that has appeared in another publication.

Preparation of Scripts

You should write in clear and concise English. Spelling should follow the Oxford English Dictionary. Please double space all text and number every sheet of paper. Authors are responsible for ensuring that all manuscripts (whether original or revised) are accurately typed before final submission. Manuscripts will be returned to the authors with a set of instructions if they are not presented according to these Notes for Authors.

Arrangements of papers You should arrange your contribution in the following order:

  1. Paper title, author’s name, affiliation, full postal address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address. Affiliation and addresses of co-authors should be clearly indicated. The title should be short, specific and informative.
  2. A self-contained abstract of approximately 100 words (on a separate sheet of paper), outlining in a single paragraph the aims, scope and conclusions of the paper; three keywords, for indexing purposes; abbreviated article title, for use as a running headline.
  3. The text, suitably divided under headings.
  4. Acknowledgements (if any).
  5. References (double spaced, and following the journal style).
  6. Appendix (if any).
  7. Tables (each on a separate sheet).
  8. Captions to illustrations (grouped on a separate sheet or sheets).
  9. Illustrations, each on a separate sheet containing no text and clearly labeled with the journal title, author’s name and illustration number.


Tables should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals, and given a suitable caption. All table columns should have an explanatory heading, and, where appropriate, units of measurements. Footnotes to tables should be typed below the table, and should be referred to by superscript letters. Avoid the use of vertical rules. Tables should not duplicate results presented elsewhere in the manuscript, e.g. in graphs.


All graphs, photographs, diagrams and other drawings (including chemical structures) should be referred to as Figures, and numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals. All illustrations must be clearly labeled with the journal title, author’s name and figure number.

Illustrations should be provided in camera ready form, suitable for reproduction without retouching, and should be either 3.35 inches (85 mm, or one column) or 6.93 inches (176 mm, or two columns) wide. Wherever possible figures should fit one column and so may be photographically reduced, so please ensure that lines and labeling are sufficiently