The Musser Series is named after Pete Musser, a friend of the Temple University Fox School of Business. This endowed professorship is filled by experienced, well-known practitioners in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. Visiting professors give lectures and work with students both one-on-one and in small groups to provide critical and immediate feedback to students and their ventures on a range of topics from opportunity recognition, crafting a value proposition, creating a feasible business model, developing a customer acquisition strategy or designing a funding plan. In addition, they share the lessons they learned in the trenches in an intimate setting with highly engaged students and alumni, and with student associations and in entrepreneurship classes across the university.

Past Musser Speakers:


April 2018

What’s the Secret Sauce for Advanced Leadership?



Jill Belconis
Principal, Jill Belconis Enterprises

October 2017

Lean Innovation: What Your Company Can Learn from Entrepreneurs


Tristan Kromer
Founder and Lean Startup Coach, Kromatic

March 2017
The Startup Innovator: Changing How Companies Launch, Grow, and Get Funded

Alejandro Cremades
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Cofounders Lab, Onevest, and 1000 Angels
Author, The Art of Startup Fundraising

November 2016
Leaders Lead

David L. Cohen
Senior Executive Vice President
Comcast Corporation

February 2016
Do Ethical Entrepreneurs Earn More?
Bernie Marcus
Home Depot