The 20th Annual League for
Entrepreneurial Women’s Conference!

The League for Entrepreneurial Women, which holds an annual conference, is an advocacy initiative that addresses the growing challenges and interests of entrepreneurial women in the Greater Philadelphia region. It was co-founded by Betsy Barber, associate dean of Temple University’s School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Betsy Leebron Tutelman, senior vice provost for Strategic Communications. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute (IEI), under the leadership of Executive Director Ellen Weber, co-hosts the event.

This year’s conference featured keynote speaker Lisa Wang. Lisa discovered her first passion as a gymnast and built a decade long career reigning as 4x US National Champion, culminating in the 2008 Olympic Games and induction in the USA Hall of Fame.

As the Founder & CEO of SheWorx, Lisa built the leading global female entrepreneurship platform empowering 20k+ women to connect with mentors and investors. SheWorx was successfully acquired by Republic – the top equity crowdfunding platform from AngelList – to usher in the future of democratized funding.

After building a thriving network of leaders, Lisa realized that success doesn’t guarantee happiness, and launched the Enoughness Podcast to humanize the process of leadership and explore the question, “How much is good enough?” She trains organizations to leverage the power of enoughness to instill empathy in their leadership teams.

Lisa has been awarded Forbes 30 Under 30, Red Bull Hero of The Year, CIO Magazine’s Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch, 1010Wins Visionaries, Red Shoe Movement Hall of Fame. She is a Delta Under 30 Advisory Board Member and Advisor to PepsiCo’s WomanMade Initiative. Lisa began her career as a hedge fund analyst. She is a graduate of Yale University and remains active training as a Krav Maga fighter.


League for Entrepreneurial Women Hall of Fame

Each year, the League for Entrepreneurial Women recognizes alumnae who have demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit and made outstanding achievements as innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders.

Hall of Fame Inductees 2019-2020

    Lewis Katz School of Medicine
    Advance Care Podiatry
    School of Podiatric Medicine
    Samantic Productions
    College of Liberal Arts

Hall of Fame Inductees 2018-2019

    The Axelrod Firm, PC
    Beasley School of Law
    BlackStar Film Festival
    Boyer College of Music & Dance, School of Theater, Film, & Media Arts
    Black Women in Sport Foundation
    College of Public Health
    Fox School of Business & Management

Hall of Fame Inductees 2017-2018

    International Sports Consultant
    Lizandra Consulting
    Founder, Richardson
    Author, Changing the Sales Conversation

Hall of Fame Inductee 2016-2017

    Podiatrist & Partner
    Mid-Atlantic Podiatric Group

Hall of Fame Inductees 2015 – 2016

  • ANNE NELSON, Factor3 Consulting
    Fox School of Business
  • KRISTIN GAVIN, Gearing Up
    College of Public Health
  • DANIELLE COHN, Comcast
    School of Media and Communication

Hall of Fame Inductees 2014 – 2015

  • BETH DUFFY, Einstein Medical Center Montgomery
    Fox School of Business
  • LINDA GRASS, Jeanes Hospital
    College of Public Health
  • CAROL MARTSOFF, Urban Engineers, Inc.
    College of Engineering

Hall of Fame Inductees 2013 – 2014

  • JOYCE SALZBERG, Sunny Days, Inc.
    College of Liberal Arts
  • REEM SHAFI, DMD, Two Rivers Dental PC
    Kornberg School of Dentistry

Hall of Fame Inductees 2012 – 2013

  • HARRIETT HAMILTON, PhD, Alabama A&M University
    School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
    College of Science and Technology
  • ROSEANN ROSENTHAL, Ben Franklin Technology Partners
    College of Liberal Arts

Hall of Fame Inductees 2011 – 2012

  • HELEN COONS, Women’s Mental Health Associates
    College of Liberal Arts
  • MARCIENE MATTELMAN, After School Activities Partnerships
    College of Education
  • JANE CREAMER SULLIVAN, The Sullivan Group
    School of Communications and Theater

Hall of Fame Inductees 2010 – 2011

  • MARINA KATS, Kats, van der Veen, Baccari & Associates
    Beasley School of Law
  • ELLEN TOPLIN, StarToplin Public Relations
    School of Social Administration

Hall of Fame Inductees 2009 – 2010

    School of Communications and Theater
  • HONG WANG, Temple University School of Medicine
    Fox School of Business
  • DEBORAH WILLIG, Willig, Williams & Davidson
    Beasley School of Law

Hall of Fame Inductees 2008 – 2009

  • WANDA PAUL, Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau
    Fox School of Business
  • SARAH HETZNECKER, SunTechnics Energy Systems
    College of Science and Technology

Hall of Fame Inductees 2007-2008

  • LYNNE TARKA EWELL, Prism Engineering
    College of Engineering
    College of Liberal Arts
  • SHARON PINKENSON, Greater Philadelphia Film Office
    College of Public Health and College of Education

Hall of Fame Inductees 2006 – 2007

  • MARJORIE BRODY, BRODY Professional Development
    School of Communications and Theatre
  • MARGARET MCGOLDRICK, Abington Memorial Hospital
    Fox School of Business
  • AMBER SALZMAN, GlaxoSmithKline
    College of Science and Technology

Hall of Fame Inductees 2005 – 2006

  • MARY E. CONNELL, Girl Scouts of Camden County
    College of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
  • LESLIE ANNE MILLER, Legal and Civic Leader
    Beasley School of Law

Hall of Fame Inductees 2004 – 2005

  • CAROL ANN KELL, Kell and Associates
    School of Communications and Theater
  • CAROLE I. SMITH, The WorkForce 2000 Initiative &
    College of Education

Hall of Fame Inaugural Inductees 2003 – 2004

  • MARY ANN LEEPER, The Female Health Company
    School of Pharmacy
  • LINDA MCALEER, The Melior Group
    Fox School of Business
  • EDNA TUTTLEMAN, Philadelphia Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
    Fox School of Business