The 1810 Accelerator

One of the best ways to get involved with entrepreneurship on campus is to join the 1810 Accelerator. The Accelerator offers a coworking space where students can meet and collaborate with like-minded students from across the university and work on   their ideas and businesses. Plus, Accelerator members have access to members-only programs that offer mentorship, expert advice, workshop activities, social events, and more. Signing up for the 1810 Accelerator is easy—click here to do it now!

Entrepreneurial Student Association

The Entrepreneurial Student Association (ESA) is an official Temple University student organization led by real student entrepreneurs. ESA hosts meetings every Wednesday from 12-1pm in the 1810 Co-Lab (room 110) featuring guest speakers, interactive activities, and social events. ESA is open to all majors at Temple University! Want to join? Stop by a meeting any Wednesday, email, or subscribe to the ESA mailing list here.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Courses

Thinking about a career path in entrepreneurship but feel like you need to know more? Take a course! For undergraduates, there are courses in the Entrepreneurship Management & Innovation program that can count toward your GenEd requirement or count as a free elective! If you like the courses and want to take more, you can sign up for the EIM certificate (only three courses, transcripted, and open to any major) or enroll in the major or minor.

For graduate students, there are courses in the Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship MS program that you can take as free electives or as part of your MBA concentration. Not enrolled in a graduate program? You can apply for a graduate certificate (transcripted, learn more here) and complete it in just three courses!

Sign up for Spring 2020 courses on Banner now or email if you have questions.

Entrepreneurs & Innovators Living Learning Community

Want to live in a community of entrepreneurs? Here at Temple University, you can! The Entrepreneurs & Innovators LLC is a residential community located in Morgan North where students are free to share any kind of radical idea (and where peers collaborate to improve these ideas). If you want to be more innovative and think you might like to invent a product or launch a company someday, this is the place for you. This LLC offers students the chance to build lifelong friendships with the most innovative, entrepreneurial people on campus. Learn more here.