Fischer-Shain Center for Financial Services

Pictured: John Shain

The Fischer-Shain Center for Financial Services is a doorway into the financial services industry for students at Temple University’s Fox School of Business. The Center aims to establish a strong presence in regional and national financial service markets through the support of a new financial services concentration and engagement of industry speakers in the classroom. With student professional organizations and production of research, the Center can inform practice in the financial services industry.

Learn more about the Center’s inauguration here.

Advisory Board

Serving as an interface between students and alumni, the Advisory Board will:

  • Provide feedback on curriculum to match up with the needs of the industry,
  • Create networking opportunities for students, alumni and faculty, and
  • Promote internship and employment opportunities.

The Conference of State Banking Supervisors (CSBS)

The Center will identify students to participate in the CSBS community banking case study competition, which provides students with an engaging, experiential learning opportunity with a local community bank.

Speaker Outreach

The Center is inviting financial services industry professionals to speak in the classroom and at student professional organization meetings. These speakers add a practice dimension to complement the concepts that they are learning in the classroom

Partnership with Risk Management Association (RMA)

The Center will be partnering with RMA to host annual practice-oriented conferences on cutting-edge issues. The Center is also using RMA resource for course material and data for faculty research.


The Center will sponsor an annual conference that focuses on topical areas in financial services. These conferences should create networking opportunities for students, generate research ideas for faculty and promote collaboration between members of the Temple community and other academic and industry centers.

Research Grant Sponsorships

To stimulate high-quality, industry-relevant research, the Center will sponsor grants for research projects. The goal is to create a stream of research that can be both rigorous and practical and appeal to academic journals and industry practitioners.


Managing Director, Dr. Justin Vitanza, Assistant Finance Professor

Director of Research, Dr. Sam Rosen, Assistant Finance Professor