Manipulating the Five Senses to Make More Sense

The Consumer Sensory Innovation Lab provides a medium for cross-disciplinary, collaborative research among professors, graduate students, and corporate managers and practitioners interested in issues related to sensory marketing. The members of the Lab work jointly to produce highly innovative and insightful research that helps us better understand how sights, sounds, smells, haptics, and tastes impact consumers’ moods, attitudes, emotions, cognitions, and decision-making behavior in the marketplace.

Mission Statement

 The Consumer Sensory Innovation Lab is dedicated to conducting innovative research exploring the impact of each of the five senses (sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste) on consumer choice behavior.

The Work We Do

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Some people can’t function without their morning coffee. But even without drinking, the smell of coffee has an effect. Researchers study how coffee scents can improve performance and expectations.

*Madzharova, A., Ye, N., Morrin, M. and Block, L. (2018). “The impact of coffee-like scent on expectations and performance.” Journal of Environmental Psychology, 57(83-86). Read More.

Do you see what you’re buying?

Can messiness turn you and your wallet away? It may not just be the mess…but how obvious the mess is when considering store lighting.

*Reynolds-McIlnay, Ryann, Maureen Morrin, and Jens Nordfält (2017), “How Product–Environment Brightness Contrast and Product Disarray Impact Consumer Choice Retail Environments,” Journal of Retailing, 93 Read More.

Sense and Sensibility

In a moral dilemma? Put down whatever you’re touching, smelling, or seeing. CSIL researchers study how sensory input can lead to less harsh moral judgments for those with a flexible moral mindset.

*Nenkov, G., Morrin, M., Maille, V., and Lwin, M. (2018). “Sense and Sensibility: the Impact of Sensory Input on Moral Judgments.” Forthcoming in Journal of Business Research. Read more.

Meet the director

Maureen Morrin

Lab Director

Research Interests: Consumer Decision Making and Sensory Processing

Maureen (Mimi) Morrin joined the Fox School of Business in 2013 as Professor of Marketing. Her current research focuses on examining the human senses and their impact on the consumer decision-making process. Her extensive corporate background in advertising and brand management has led her to be published in leading journals and invited to national and international conferences. Read more

Meet the team


Assistant Professor of Merchandising Management

Research Interests: Consumer Behavior, Shopper Marketing, Retail Atmospherics, and Sensory Marketing. Read more.


Assistant Professor Department of Business, Organizations and Society

Research Interests: consumer decision making, product usage, disposal, branding and food marketing. Read more.


Current Doctoral Student

Research Interests: sensory marketing, food decision-making, and prosocial behavior. Read more.


Current Doctoral Student

Research Interests: Cancer Research and Healthcare Marketing. Read more.


Current Doctoral Student

Research Interests: cross-modal scent effects and connections between self-regulation and sensory stimuli. Read more.

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