Study Abroad Process at Fox

Temple University’s Education Abroad Office has provided a quick reference guide for Fox students to assist you as you plan your study abroad experience. Download it here

The first step towards participating in a study abroad program is to connect with the Education Abroad Office by attending a Foundations of Study Abroad Session. Click here to learn more and register.

You are then required to meet with your academic advisor to create an academic plan.

For all Fox International Partner Programs listed below, you must then visit the Fox International Programs Office on the 7th Floor of Alter Hall to complete the application paperwork specific to the institution that you are applying (American Business School Paris, CEFAM Lyon, ITAM Mexico, Quinn School Dublin).  Please note these are categorized as”External Programs” by the Office of Education Abroad


Visit The Office of Education Abroad to view all program deadlines.

Study Abroad Advising at Fox

For more information about the study abroad process at Fox School of Business, including information on course approval, making an appointment with your advisers, and the application process, please see here.

Fox International Partner Programs

Temple University has partnerships with the following 4 international partners:


  • Paris – The American Business School Paris, Institut de Gestion Sociale
  • Lyon – Centre d’Etudes Franco-Americain de Management (CEFAM)


  • Mexico City Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)


  • Dublin Quinn School of Business, University College Dublin

Temple Programs

TempleUJapan Fox Students may also study at Temple’s campuses in Rome, Italy, and Tokyo, Japan and through the Office of Education Abroad’s External Partners, including direct student exchanges. Visit the Temple and International Partner Programs page for full details.

Destination Programs

Students Visit Lloyd's of London as part of the 2015 Destination Western Europe Program
Students Visit Lloyd’s of London as part of the 2015 Destination Western Europe Program

Each year, Temple CIBER offers undergraduate Destination Programs around the world.

Destination Indonesia has recently been announced for 2016.  Visit the Destination Programs page  for preliminary details, along with information about past programs.


Study Abroad Blogs

Destination Indonesia 2016

Professor Omario Kanji led a group of students to Indonesia from May 22- June 3rd 2016. The goal of the program was to have students develop an awareness of the interconnected nature of the global economy and to enhance students’ perspectives on, and sensitivity to, other cultures and business practices. Read more about their experiences.

Students from the 2015 Destination Vietnam and Cambodia Program
Students from the 2015 Destination Vietnam and Cambodia Program along with co-leader Vice Dean Debbie Campbell

Destination Vietnam 2015

Marketing Professor Mary Conran first led students to Vietnam in May 2013 and in August 2015 returned with a new group, this time also visiting Cambodia.  Read about both of their journeys.

Destination France 2014
Destination France, January 8-17, 2014, took students to Paris and Lyon, France. This program combined a unique blend of academic, corporate and cultural experiences to expose students to one of the largest countries in Europe, and a long-time political ally and trading partner of the USA. Student education was enriched with corporate visits to industry power-houses Hermes and Peugeot and niche market maximizers such as La Toque Blanche. Additionally, students examined French society through a range of cultural excursions. Destination Programs often change locations, please visit our Destination Programs page for the latest information.

Destination Vietnam 2013