The following items should be explored BEFORE accepting or starting a co-op assignment. Participation in a co-op assignment requires you to work full time (40+ hours per week). Since you will not be carrying a full-time class load, certain elements of your academic status may be impacted.

Health Insurance

If you are currently covered by your parents health insurance plan as a full-time student, you need to contact your insurance carrier to see how your insurance coverage may change as a result of NOT being enrolled FT in classes. Coverage varies from one carrier to another so it is important you contact your insurance company ASAP.

Financial Aid

Are you receiving any financial aid that requires you to be enrolled as a FT student? If so, contact Student Financial Services at 215-204-2244 or HERE.

Student Loans

Do you have outstanding student loans that require payback as soon as you are no longer a FT student? If yes, contact your loan provider.


Do you have any scholarships that require you to maintain FT student status? As with financial aid issues, contact Student Financial Services at 215-204-2244 or HERE.


Do you reside in University housing as a FT student? Do you plan to stay in the dorms while completing your co-op assignment? If so, contact University Housing via their website HERE.

CSPD strongly recommends you explore the above BEFORE starting your FT co-op assignment. Proper planning will help you prepare for any possible ramifications (of not being enrolled as a FT student).

Many students have successfully completed co-ops so it is important that you simply take the time to explore your options in advance.