Self Assessment

The first job you take after your BBA will be the first of many steps you will take in your continuing professional development. Have you thought about what you want in your first post BBA job? How do you decide on a particular job, career, or industry? The process begins with gathering information and thinking about how your values, interests, aptitudes, abilities and personal traits will match with different work environments, fields of interest, and organizations.

What is a Self-Assessment Instrument?

Assessment instruments help you gain more insight into the types of jobs, occupations, and careers in which you might be interested. They can be quite helpful if you can keep them in perspective. However, if you are looking for more, such as the answer to “what to do with your life,” an assessment instrument is not for you.

Career tests can be quite helpful to any individual who seeks to learn more about themselves. Be careful however! Otherwise, you can wind up with completely inaccurate results and recommendations. Simply misreading or answering one or two questions erroneously will net (as you might imagine) completely erroneous results and useless recommendations.

Things to Keep in Mind About Career Tests

  • All tests tend to deal in categories, therefore you will inevitably be placed in a category with a lot of other people. Don’t forget that you are unique! Your successful professional development rests on how well and how hard you have thought about your unique future contributions to an organization.
  • Taking several tests will give you a much better picture of your preferences and profile, not to mention career ideas.

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