Graduate CSPD Overview

CSPD provides support in three important areas:

  1. Impression Management
  2. Career & Industry Awareness
  3. Personal Development

Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Connect with us through Handshake by signing up for an appointment with us. We’ll get to know you and tailor our services to your needs. Your success is our end goal.
  2. Review the variety of detailed information on Canvas. There, you will find tips on resume, cover letter, thank you notes prep, as well as resources for international students, sites you can use to research companies, and more.
  3. Upload your resume to V-mock and review the suggested feedback. Once you receive a score of 70% or more, you can schedule a resume critique appointment with us to provide our final feedback. Note: you must have your resume CSPD’d (approved by CSPD) in order to attend the Fall and Spring Connections.