Our Mission:

The Center for Student Professional Development (CSPD) is a comprehensive Fox School of Business and Management resource focused on preparing undergraduate and graduate level business students for entry into the professional business environment. This is accomplished through workshops, mentoring and internships that complement the content knowledge/tools taught in the classroom.

CSPD simultaneously offers a variety of services connecting students with employers, thereby supplying regional employers with a diverse source of talent known for a strong work ethic.

Our Primary Goals:

  • To offer business students opportunities to develop the essential communication/interpersonal skills and ethical values needed to excel in today’s competitive global economy.
  • To work closely with Student Professional Organizations, for purposes of career building, networking, and development of leadership skills while emphasizing the importance of business ethics.
  • To cultivate relationships with alumni and regional corporations resulting in internship and full-time career opportunities for students and start-up partnerships for research projects, executive training, and outreach activities.
  • To integrate The Fox School students into the business community and serve as a value-added recruitment tool for employers, thereby creating a dynamic synergy between The Fox School and its corporate partners.

Professional Development is integrated into the student academic experience at the undergraduate level through a 1 credit Professional Development class.  Topics covered in this class include, Resume Building, Interview Skills, Career and Industry Awareness, Etiquette, Ethics and Managing Expectations in the workplace.

CSPD offers the opportunity for students to be “CSPD’d” prior to the Professional Development Strategies course.  Completion of the CSPD “Getting Started”, “Resume Development” and a “Resume Critique” along with completion of their Handshake profile qualifies a student as being “CSPD’d”.  To attend on-campus recruiting events and interview on-campus, students are required to be CSPD’d.

It is important that each of our students understand the ethics of their job search.  As a result, CSPD created a Code of Conduct (Based on the National Association of Colleges and Employers Principles of Professional Conduct).  Students are required to sign the Code of Conduct during the “Getting CSPD’d” process.