Pallavi-ChitturiDr. Pallavi Chitturi
Pallavi Chitturi is a Professor in the Department of Statistics. She teaches undergraduate and graduate level statistics courses at The Fox School and has taught Executive MBA courses in Tokyo, Japan and Cali, Colombia. Dr. Chitturi’s research interests are in the areas of design of experiments, quality control, and conjoint analysis. Dr. Chitturi has made several research presentations at conferences such as the Joint Statistical Meetings and the Conference of Texas Statisticians, and has published articles in statistics and quality management journals. Dr Chitturi has successfully supervised Ph.D. dissertations and recently published a book titled ‘Choice Based Conjoint Analysis – Models and Designs’.

Dr. Chitturi was the recipient of the 2008 Andrisani-Frank Undergraduate Teaching Award. She was named a Dean’s Teaching Fellow for innovation in teaching and excellence in the classroom. Dr. Chitturi was awarded 3 grants from the U.S. Navy’s Naval Logistics Readiness Research Center and one grant from the Office of The Vice-Provost for Research at Temple University.

alexandra-caridesDr. Alexandra Carides
Senior Consultant
Dr. Alexandra Carides comes to the Fox School with 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience in applied statistics at Merck and Co.

As Merck’s Associate Director of Scientific Staff, Dr. Carides led teams of scientists through the process of designing studies, analyzing data and writing clinical study reports – 50 of which have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Dr. Carides collaborated with clinical experts, and marketing groups, to help develop and promote Merck products. Along with her career at Merck, Dr. Carides kept current with the academic environment by teaching as an Adjunct in the Fox School’s Department of Statistics.

Before beginning her career at Merck, Dr. Carides worked for 10 years in Romania, first as a mathematics instructor and then as a researcher in Bucharest’s Center of Mathematical Statistics.

She earned a Master of Science in Mathematics at the University of Bucharest, Romania, where she was class valedictorian, and her PhD in Statistics from the Fox School.

Lauren Spirko is a research assistant at the Center for Statistical Analysis and doctoral student in the Department of Statistics, Fox School of Business. She holds a Masters degree in Statistics and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Economics. She is a skilled user of R programming language.

Industry Advisory Board

Stan Altan, PhD
Johnson & Johnson, Pharmaceutical Research and Development.

Aloka Chakravarty, PhD
Director, Division of Biometrics at FDA.

Eric A. Ross, PhD
Assistant Vice President of Biometrics and Information Sciences,
Fox Chase Cancer Center.

Academic Advisory Board

Angelika Dimoka, PhD
Marketing and Supply Chain Management, Fox School of Business, Temple University.

Boris Iglewicz, PhD
Statistics, Fox School of Business, Temple University.

Damaraju Raghavarao, PhD
Statistics, Fox School of Business, Temple University.

Sanat Sarkar, PhD
Statistics, Fox School of Business, Temple University.