Established in the Fox School of Business, Department of Statistics, the mission of the Center for Statistical Analysis (CSA) is to provide professional statistical consulting support and training to Temple University faculty, researchers, and students; and to external clients in the wider business, science, industry, and government sectors. The Center will offer an integrated, comprehensive statistical consulting service covering all aspects of a quantitative research project ranging from the initial study design through to the presentation of the final research conclusions. The Center will work co-operatively with other established centers across the University.


The Center can provide support in the areas of:

  • Design of Experiments
  • Biostatistics
  • Clinical Trials
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Survey Design and Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Dimensionality Reduction
  • Time Series
  • Marketing Models


lauren-spirkoLauren Nicole Spirko
PhD Candidate and Graduate Assistant, CSA

Lauren served as research assistant for the Afghanistan National Drug Abuse Study (ANDUS) funded by the U.S. State Department.

With over 10,000 people sampled in over 60 villages and cities, we faced numerous data analysis challenges along the way, but the process was very rewarding! It has given me my first-hand consulting experience working on an important lifesaving project that aims to reduce drug use and improve treatment efficacy in Afghanistan.

bu-hyoung-leeBu Hyoung Lee
PhD Candidate, Department of Statistics

Bu Hyoung Lee presented a three-day workshop on Data Analysis & Statistical Computing using R and SAS software to Global Indemnity Group employees at their Bala Cynwyd location.

Through intensive hand-on training with real datasets in risk management, the workshop participants learned how to use R and SAS programming to fit Gaussian linear models or generalized linear models to their actuarial problems.

alexandra-caridesDr. Alexandra Carides
Faculty Member and Senior Consultant, CSA

Dr. Carides has collaborated on numerous research projects with faculty and researchers in the Schools of Engineering, Science and Technology, Dentistry, and Nursing at Temple. She delivered a four day workshop on ‘The Design and Analysis of Experiments with Applications’ to engineers at the Asahi Glass Company in Exton, PA; and at Temple for graduate students and faculty. She was recently invited to speak at the Aspen Forum for Health Care in Romania.

It is very rewarding for me to share the knowledge I have accumulated through my extensive research and development workin the industry: whether it is with Temple researchers, or with an international audience!

yeil-kwonYeil Kwon
PhD Candidate, Department of Statistics

Yeil Kwon is research assistant for a long-term study to assist Global Indemnity Group in studying customer segmentations and developing a scoring model to improve price matching to risk exposure.

Since insurance datasets are huge and have a very complicated structure, we have to define and refine variables carefully when we extract and transform the data. Datasets by themselves are not very meaningful, but after they are trimmed, dressed, and synthesized by an alchemist called a statistician, they are more valuable than gold!

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