Faculty who wish to learn more about teaching improvement, teaching assessment, or the use of technology in the classroom should find the following links helpful:

  • Temple Teaching Academy:
    The Provost has created a Teaching Learning Center to promote the consistent support and development of teaching and learning at Temple University.
  • Electronic Journal on Excellence in College Teaching:
    This peer-reviewed journal is designed to increase student learning through effective teaching and communication among faculty about their classrooms experiences.
  • Berkeley Compendium of Suggestion for Teaching with Excellence:
    The Compendium offers a series of suggestions for improving teaching performance.
  • The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching:
    This Foundation is an international center for research and policy studies related to teaching. Its focus is on the scholarship of teaching.
  • American Association of Higher Education:
    AAHE is devoted to the systematic improvement of higher education. This site provides access to the report on “Principles of Good Practice: Supporting Early Career Faculty.”
    Educourse is designed to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology.
  • Center for Instructional Technology:
    The mission of this Center is to assist faculty in achieving their professional objectives by providing support for commonly used and emerging technologies.
  • Teaching with Electronic Technology:
    This site provides a variety of links to information about conferences, publications, and general discussions of teaching with the use of electronic technology.
  • Chronicle of Higher Education:
    The Chronicles of Higher Education publishes a number of stories on teaching methods and other college related issues.
  • Tools for Teaching:
    Practical advice is offered by a University of Pennsylvania professor on using technology in teaching.
  • Instructional Tutor:
    The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the University of Albany has created a series of tutorials to assist faculty who wish to utilize various computer applications for instructional purposes.

Faculty Resources

– Paley Library

– Writing Center

– Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)

– Fox Study Abroad Opportunities

– Instructional Support Center

– Teaching and Learning Center

– Tuttleman Counseling Center


– Disability Resources

– Math and Science Tutoring

– An Introductory Handbook for Teaching Assistants

– Engaging the Contemporary American Student (ppt)

– Peer Reviews

– Paley Reference Library (pdf)

– Provost’s Priorities

– The Teacher’s Profession (doc)

– Adjunct Faculty Handbook (pdf)

– Voice of the Student Report 2009 (pdf)

– AACSB Assurance of Learning Flowchart

– Create and Deploy Assessments in Blackboard (pdf)

– Promoting Academic Integrity in Online Education (pdf)

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