A Teachers Roundtable will be established to oversee the Center and will consist of faculty from the Fox School who have demonstrated teaching excellence in the classroom on a consistent basis. Examples of teaching excellence include being recognized as a University Great Teacher; being the recipient of the Musser Excellence in Leadership Award in Teaching or the Lindback Award; having received one of the teaching awards in the school; or having been honored in some other way as being outstanding and effective teachers.

The Dean shall select the first members of the Teachers Roundtable from those individuals who have been recognized as a Temple University Great Teacher or who have been the recipient of the Musser Excellence in Leadership Teaching Award. During the following years, new members shall be selected by the then existing Teachers Roundtable.

The Teachers Roundtable shall also include two students and one representative from the employers who hire students from the Fox School. The Dean shall select these three representatives annually.

Members of the Teachers Roundtable shall have the use of a discretionary fund established by the Dean for educational endeavors to improve teaching in the classroom. Requests for funds shall be made to the Director of the Center who shall determine the appropriateness of the award.

Members of the Teachers Roundtable shall have their named inscribed on a plaque along with the names of the other individuals at the School who have been recognized for their accomplishments.


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