The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence has been established at the Fox School of Business and Management in order to:

  1. support effective teaching in all areas of instruction,
  2. help members solve teaching issues,
  3. make recommendations about teaching effectiveness and assessment tools,
  4. foster the development of new teaching skills,
  5. identify areas of teaching development that need improvement or attention,
  6. examine ways of measuring quality of teaching and ascertaining the learning outcomes of students, and
  7. encourage ongoing discussions of the elements of good teaching and learning.

With these goals in the mind, the Center has:

  1. established a mentoring program for junior faculty,
  2. conducts workshops on how to improve teaching skills and learning outcomes,
  3. encourages innovation, experimentation and use of technology to enhance teaching,
  4. offers both peer and student evaluation of faculty teaching, and
  5. provides personalized assistance to the faculty for skill and goals development.