In order to encourage quality dissertation research within the Department of Statistics, Temple University’s Biostatistics Research Center announces awards (one per student) for papers published in the following journals: Annals of Statistics; Biometrics; Biometrika; Journal of the American Statistical Association; Journal of Royal Statistical Society (B); and Technometrics. These awards will be given to Temple’s Department of Statistics Ph.D. students who graduated in 2003 or after and had paper accepted within two years after graduation. We are grateful to Merck Research Laboratories for their generous funding of this and other efforts and also to Bristol-Myers Squibb and Wyeth. The following students have won this award.

  1. Qi Jiang: Ph.D., March 2003. Advisors, Boris Iglewicz and Steven Snapinn. Paper title, “Calculation of Sample Size in Survival Trials: The Impact of Informative Noncompliance,” Biometrics, 60, 800-806. (2004)
  2. Inna Chervoneva: Ph.D., March 2003. Advisor, Boris Iglewicz. Paper title, “Orthogonal Bases Approach for Comparing Nonnormal Continuous Distributions,” Biometrika (2005), pages 679-690. Also, for paper in Biometrics (2006), pages 752-759.