Art-Reach Program Reflections

“The board fellowship program provided me an opportunity to utilize the knowledge I gained at Fox to benefit the Philadelphia community. The project I was assigned by Art-Reach was very challenging, but helping to support such a worthwhile mission made the experience a very rewarding one as well. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a great organization and group of people. My involvement with the Board Fellows program has made social innovation a matter that is very important to me. I am confident that my time as a Board Fellow for Art-Reach will be invaluable to me when serving on non-profit boards in the future.”

Kevin Flynn, Art-Reach

“Kevin was a great asset to Art-Reach. He understood his Fellowship project immediately and provided a level of expertise and strategic thinking that really delivered on what we were trying to achieve: a decision-making tool that could be used ongoing under a variety of circumstances, conditions and factors. He provided the right amount of board-level capacity at an ideal time for the organization. The whole partnership with Fox and the Board Fellows program was very rewarding and productive. It’s a real value-added for Philadelphia’s nonprofit community.”

Michael Norris, Art-Reach

Habitat For Humanity Program Reflections

“Working with the Habitat for Humanity team was a Fox Board Fellow was a defining moment of my MBA graduate program. It’s important to understand and recognize how non-profit organizations operate and contribute to society. Thanks to the guidance and professionalism of the entire staff and board members at Habitat, I experienced what it really means to be a professional businessperson in Philadelphia – donations of professional services is just as important as monetary, being part of a community is serving it through volunteerism and charity alignment belongs in every business model.”

Sarah Lindsay, Habitat For Humanity

“Every day at Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia, we strive to make affordable homeownership a reality for hard working, low-income families. We recognize that we cannot do this work alone but must rely on support of community partners and supporters. The Fox Board Fellows program has been a solid community partner matching talented, passionate and driven students with professional experience with Habitat Philadelphia. Working on specific initiatives like enhancing our social media presence or developing ReStore marketing strategies, Fox Board Fellows have added tremendous value to our day-to-day operations, as well as, have been a positive addition to critical conversations at the board level. Habitat Philadelphia thanks our past Fox Board Fellows and looks forward to our continued partnership. Working together, we are building houses, building hope and building Philadelphia.”

Corinne O’Connell, Habitat For Humanity

Philadelphia VIP Program Reflections

“Simply put, being a Fox Board Fellow was the best thing I ever did during my MBA. The value stemmed from the fact that the program gave me the truly unique opportunity to accept responsibility from some of the most senior professionals in Philadelphia. I’ll admit that at times it was daunting, but for me (and I think for many, if not all students), school is exactly about being given the opportunity to take up these kinds of challenges and the chance to be truely ambitious about impacting our communities. The Board Fellows program is unique and powerful because it gives participants the chance to simultaneously contribute to meaningful causes and showcase yourself to Philadelphia’s professional community. I’m very proud to have contributed to the organization I was involved with. While I sometimes wish I could have done more, I’m confident that I can continue to be engaged, such is the strength of the relationships that have been forged.”

Kyle Dumont, Philadelphia VIP

“Philadelphia VIP is a proud partner with Temple University’s Fox School of Business and the Fox Board Fellows Program. VIP hosted its first Fellow in the Fall of 2011, and our experience with the program exceeded our wildest expectations. We envisioned a small project that would help VIP analyze our case referrals. Thanks to Kyle’s enthusiasm and hard work, guided by the wonderful staff at Temple, we instead finished with a large-scale analysis that is the basis of our strategic plan. It was a pleasure to work with Kyle on this project and VIP truly benefited from both his expertise and the program itself. We are looking forward hosting our next Fellow this Fall and highly recommend this amazing program.

Sara Woods, Philadelphia VIP

Fox MBAs Are Driving Social Impact In Philadelphia

The Fox Board Fellows program places MBA students on the boards of local nonprofits
Written by Marco De Novellis | MBA North America | Wednesday 14th December 2016 

After three years working as an engineer for chemicals giant DuPont, Brittany Arnoldt was ready for a change. She looked to business school, and chose Temple University’s Fox School of Business over Carnegie Mellon for her MBA.

Why? A strong focus on experiential learning, an intimate 45-to-55 student class size, and the Fox Board Fellows program, which places MBA students on the boards of Philadelphia-based nonprofits as non-voting but active, working members for an entire academic year.

“I wanted the opportunity to give back,” Brittany explains. “I’d always contributed to nonprofits so I was really interested in the opportunity to see how a nonprofit is run, how it operates, and how executive decisions are made.

“Fox was really unique in that offering,” she continues. “The Board Fellows program wasn’t something I saw at any other business school I was looking at.”

The product of a partnership between Fox Net Impact and Fox Management Consulting, Fox Board Fellows was first trialed in 2011.

Since then, Fox MBA students have sat on the boards of 30 local nonprofits in Philadelphia, contributing over 7,000 hours of board service, and completing over 80 strategic projects in areas such as board development, marketing, planning and financial analysis.

The program’s nonprofit partners include Entrepreneur Works – which supports local small businesses – Clarifi – which promotes financial literacy – Gearing Up – which helps women transition from abuse and addiction through cycling – and soccer-based youth development charity Starfinder.

During her MBA, Brittany got involved with the Fox chapter of Net Impact serving as vice president of the Fox Board Fellows program.

And she took part in the program herself, spending a year working with the Friends of Kensington Health Sciences Academy, a newly-established nonprofit board for a charter school located in one of the most impoverished communities in the United States.

“It was a great experience,” she says. “You’re expanding your network and you’re getting exposure to a nonprofit in a board setting that you might not otherwise receive.

“The biggest takeaway was the impact that I was able to make in a young nonprofit. I got a better understanding of challenges that inner-city schools face, and I saw how this nonprofit organization was really impacting students’ lives.”

A new, millennial generation of MBA grads are increasingly looking to make a social impact in their careers. “Fox Board Fellows caters to that mindset that millennials have,” Brittany continues.

“With the internet and social media, individuals today are well-aware of what corporations are doing and when they’re doing things that are not socially or environmentally responsible.We’re trying to make a difference.”

Brittany took up the role of acting secretary for her nonprofit board. She organized meetings, took minutes, and helped develop a new accounting system and spending policy.

After her MBA, she landed a job in finance at Novo Nordisk, a Danish multinational pharma firm big on social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

For, Maureen Cannon, Director of Fox Management Consulting, the success of Fox Board Fellows comes as no surprise. Last year, Fox placed 97% of its MBA students into graduate jobs.

“Employers want to see that their employees have other interests,” she says. “Fox Board Fellows gives students experiential, real-world learning opportunities.”

“What the students demonstrate on the program translates very well into the for-profit world,” she continues. “Fox Board Fellows is designed to help students become the well-rounded, thoughtful, self-reflective leaders that the school wants to produce.”