What is the Fox Board Fellows program?

Fox Board Fellows is a program created to bring valuable business skills to nonprofits and expose students to nonprofit management and governance. Fox Board Fellows are interviewed and selected to participate on a nonprofit board as non-voting members while receiving hands-on experience on how a nonprofit board runs. This program is offered in conjunction with a required course. Fellows are then assigned a project by their partnered organization to provide the organization with a solution that best fits the project’s scope and organization’s needs.

What is expected from the Fox Board Fellow?

Fox Board Fellows are expected to meet all requirements of the nonprofit organization and the course requirements. They are to attend all board meetings necessary, attend and/or assist any events needed for the organization, assess and complete the project given, and maintain a standard of confidentiality and professionalism between the nonprofit organization.

How much time does a Fox Board Fellow put in?

Fox Board Fellows are expected to spend at least 5 to 10 hours per month serving on the board and completing the board-level project not including the course.

What types of organizations participate in the Fox Board Fellows Program?

Organizations that typically partner with Fox Board Fellows are nonprofit organizations. We are not limited to them but have mainly focused creating a partnership with them for the time being. We hope to expand our partnership to social venture organizations in the future.

Do I get to choose which nonprofit I work with?

Fox Board Fellows are selected and placed with a nonprofit. Through the interview and matching process, Fellows are placed based on their interests and skills that best match with the organization. The Fellows and organization then meet to finalize whether or not they are the best match for each other.

How are Fox Board Fellows assigned?

Through a series of questions and interview process, the Program Director best fits the students with the organization that best matches their interest and skills.

Can I find my own nonprofit to bring to the program?

We do not discourage against bringing your own organization to the program. However, we will still need to determine whether or not that organization is best fit with the scope of how our program is structured.

Do Fox Board Fellow participants get academic credit for the service?

Yes. Along with the hands-on experience, Fox Board Fellows also has a course offered as an elective within the MBA curriculum. This will go hand-in-hand with working with the nonprofit board to guide you through the program.

What is the timeline for the Fox Board Fellows program?

The generic timeline for the Fox Board Fellows program is listed under the Course Structure page. Please refer to our calendar for exact dates of events/deadlines for that specific year.

How do/when can I apply to the Fox Board Fellows program?

The application process will start at the end of the fall semester and will close by the end of January. You can find a link to the application under “Fox Students” in the How to Apply page.

Who is in charge of the Fox Board Fellows program and who do I contact with questions?

For any further questions you can email us or contact our Program Director, Maureen Cannon, for further information about our program.