What is the Fox Board Fellows program?

Fox Board Fellows is a program created to bring valuable business skills to nonprofits and expose students to nonprofit management and governance. Board Fellows are interviewed and selected to participate on a nonprofit board as non-voting members while receiving hands-on experience on how a nonprofit board runs. This program is offered in conjunction with a required course. Fellows are then assigned a project by their partnered organization to provide the organization with a solution that best fits the project’s scope and organization’s needs.

What types of organizations participate in the Fox Board Fellows Program?

At this moment, nonprofits are the only types of organizations that Fox Board Fellows has partnered with. We are not limited to only nonprofits and hope to expand our partnerships to social venture organizations in the future.

What are the responsibilities of the Executive Director of the nonprofit organization?

The Executive Director is expected to find a mentor for the partnered Fellow, create the project the Fellow will be completing during the Fellowship, provide proper introductions of the organization to the Fellow, and attend all mandatory events of the Fox Board Fellows Program.

What are responsibilities of the Board Mentor?

The Board Mentor is responsible for helping the Fellow familiarize themselves with the organization’s structure and practices, regularly meet with their Fellow to provide guidance and support, ensure that the Fellow is on track with the required project and within the scope of the organizations needs, and attend all mandatory events of the Fox Board Fellows program.

How much time does the nonprofit organization put in?

The organization must designate a board member who will mentor the Fellow through out the program. The mentor will be there to guide the Fellow and help the Fellow understand its mission, strategy, and challenges. The board members and staff are generally expected to spend a total of 5-10 hours working with the Fellow over the course of the program. They are also expected to attend any events including the Kick-off Breakfast and Closing Event.

How does the Fox Board Fellow participate on the board?

The Fox Board Fellows serves as a non-voting member on the nonprofit board. They are encouraged to participate in every way they can along the guidelines of the organization.

How is a Fox Board Fellow different from a student intern?

Fox Board Fellows program focuses on the nonprofit board governance and not the day-to-day duties of a nonprofit organization. Our Fellows differ from student interns because they already have experience in the work environment working with large corporations as well as important management skills that could be beneficial to the organization. Because of their experience, our Fellows would not need direct supervision.

How are Fox Board Fellows assigned?

Fellows are partnered with the organization based on the skills necessary for the project and the Fellow’s interest with the organization. After meeting with one another, the organization has the final say on whether or not they feel the Fellow is of best fit with the organization’s culture.

What are good qualities of a good mentor?

A good mentor should have a thorough understanding of the board of directors and the organization. They should understand how the board works and have the interest to share their experiences and insights with the Fellow and what it takes to be an effective board member.

When does the nonprofit organization have to decide on what the Fox Board Fellow’s project?

There is no specific date for when the organization must specify the Fellows project but the sooner rather than later. We suggest identifying the project early to give the Fellow proper time to prepare for the project needs. Once the Fellow is placed with your organization, we suggest identifying the project and finalizing all the details that pertains to the project as it gets closer to the fall. This will all be subjective to the availability of the Fellow prior to the start of the Fellowship and when the Fellow will actually be able to start working with your board of directors.

What is the timeline for the Fox Board Fellows program?

The generic timeline for the Fox Board Fellows program is listed under the Course Structure page. Please refer to our calendar for exact dates of events/deadlines for that specific year.

How are organizations picked to participate in the program?

Organizations are chosen based on their compatibility with how the Fox Board Fellows program runs. An organization is asked to send in an inquiry stating their interest in hosting a Fellow. They are to complete a survey determining whether their objectives match the programs. They will then be notified by our program director if they will be participating with the program for that season.

When can I apply to the Fox Board Fellows program?

Organizations may contact our Program Director anytime during they year. Organizations are typically chosen in the spring prior to the start of the program for that year in the fall.

Who is in charge of the Fox Board Fellows program and who do I contact with questions?

For any further questions you can email us or contact our Program Director, Maureen Cannon at maureenc@temple.edu for further information about our program.