Learn to build, manage, and lead next-generation healthcare systems. The Certificate in Healthcare Innovation Management is a partnership of the Strategic Management Department and the Department of Risk, Insurance and Healthcare Management, and provides the knowledge and skills to innovate within the evolving ecosystem. Working closely with the program director, develop a personalized learning path based on your interests, goals, and previous academic and work experience. You’ll discover how to create and deliver value within new or established organizations through creative design thinking, so you inspire within the healthcare industry – and your own career path.

Ideal for:

  • Health sector management professionals who wish to learn innovative design thinking strategies


Select credits from the courses below:

  • HCM 5101: Health Systems Organization and Development, 3.0 credits
    • Offered Fall Semesters only
  • HCM 5102: Healthcare Organizational Leadership and Strategy, 3.0 credits
    • Pre-requisites: HCM 5101, HCM 5103 and HCM 5106
    • Offered Fall semesters only
  • HCM 5103: Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations, 3.0 credits
    • Pre-requisites: HCM 5101 and ACCT 5001
    • Offered Spring semesters only
  • HCM 5106: Advanced Hlth Econ & Fin, 3.0 credits
    • Pre-requisites: HCM 5101
    • Offered Spring semesters only
  • SGM 5138: Global Innovation Strategy, 3.0 credits
  • SGM 5142: Business Model Innovation, 3.0 credits
  • SGM 5144: Creativity Unleashed, 3.0 credits
  • SGM 5145: Plan, Pitch and Fund an Entrepreneurial Start-up, 3.0 credits
  • SGM 5148: Open Innovation & Alliances, 3.0 credits
  • SGM 5137: Entrepreneurial Thinking & New Venture Creation, 3.0 credits
  • SGM 5133: Consulting: Principles & Practices, 3.0 credits