Startups, Tech Transfer, & Raising Capital

Fox Management Consulting has a successful history of working with entrepreneurs, scientists, and inventors to develop viable business plans for early stage ventures and technologies.  In our 12-year history, we have helped our clients raise over $53 million in early stage funding.

Our consulting teams conduct extensive industry, market, and competitive research, uncovering insights that lead to innovative business models and realistic startup strategies.  Using that information, we prepare business plans, revenue models, financial projections, funding plans, and investor presentations that provide our clients with a pathway for growth.

We often partner with MidAtlantic Diamond Ventures and others in the investment community, facilitating introductions when client and investor interests align.

We’d love to work with you!  If you’re interested in becoming a Fox Management Consulting client, get in touch through our online form.  Someone from our team will connect with you soon.