Marilyn Anthony Sustainability Consulting

Marilyn Anthony is a graduate of Cornell University and Brown University, and holds advanced degrees in English literature and education.  She chose to pursue a career in food and became a professional chef, working in some of Philadelphia’s finest and most innovative restaurants before migrating to business development and management positions in the hospitality industry. She oversaw mid-Atlantic regional corporate food services before discovering the sustainability movement. Her commitment to locally grown and humanely raised foods came into focus during the time she spent as CEO of the nationally renowned White Dog Café in Philadelphia.

In 2006 Marilyn opened Summerhouse Grill, a seasonal restaurant in Montrose, PA (Susquehanna County), showcasing local farmers and their products including pastured beef, poultry, humanely raised pork and sustainably farmed produce. The restaurant also acted as an economic engine in a declining rural economy by creating a market for local goods as well as jobs.

Marilyn Anthony joined the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture in 2007. Her current work centers on the creation of new farm enterprises through an innovative land leasing program. The program links landholders with aspiring new and beginning farmers across Pennsylvania.