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Two days after the Fox School’s
Department of Management Information
Systems (MIS) introduced an online
leaderboard as part of its requirement
that its majors earn 1,000 points through
internships and other activities in order to
graduate, Assistant Professor Mart Doyle
received a curious email.
At 1,475 points, MIS and finance major
Joe Nespoli had blazed past the necessary
mark and was first among seniors at his
credit level. He had one question: How
could he keep it that way?
At the Fox School of Business,
gamification—using gaming elements,
mechanics and frameworks in nongame
contexts, according to one widely used
definition—is thriving at the classroom,
department and school levels.
To professors and administrators, deeper
engagement among students, whether
with class material or professional devel-
opment, is the point, not “pointification,”
where participants chase after meaning-
less outcomes.
That’s why the MIS Department requires
its majors to enhance their academic
and professional development by creating
and maintaining e-portfolios—their digital
resumes—and collecting points through
involvement with student organizations
or internships. An internship alone
counts for 600 of the 1,000 points
required for graduation.
“If you want to do it the easy way, do an
internship,” Doyle said. “If you want to do it
the hard way, there are many opportunities,
but you have to hustle.”
At the school level, Fox’s Office of
Undergraduate Enrollment Management
administers a point-based immersion
program to reward students for attending
networking and recruitment events, serving
as a mentor or ambassador, or becoming
an officer of a student professional
organization. At the end of each year, top
participants receive special perks. For
freshmen, it’s a lunch with the dean.
Fox MIS students also receive incentives:
They can unlock digital badges as they
accrue points and redeem their points
at the Fox MIS online store for Fox-
branded merchandise. Students can
also cash in points to schedule one-
on-one lunches with esteemed Fox IT
Advisory Board members Niraj Patel,
BBA ’90
, and Bruce Fadem.
“In summary,” the MIS Department wrote
in a recent blog post, “it’s basically like
Chuck E. Cheese, except with learning,
and no ball pit. (Yet.)”
Brandon Lausch
Preparing students for the workforce is serious business. But there’s also room for fun and games.
The Fox School’s Department of Management Information Systems has gamified professional
development, requiring its majors to attain 1,000 points through a variety of activities in order to
graduate. The goal: deeper engagement among students and even higher-quality graduates.
Sean F. Wheeler
Veer V. Patel
Joseph N. Nespoli