The three-year, part-time Executive DBA curriculum offers a combination of theoretical and research methodology courses. The program is designed to be highly personalized, meaning that you will work closely with a faculty mentor to advise you throughout your coursework and research. This enables you to address an issue relevant and valuable to your career.

As a cohorted program, you will work closely with faculty and your fellow students during the first two years of coursework. During these two years, the program will be delivered through a series of six on-campus residencies per academic year that will take place over three-day weekends. During these weekend residencies (Friday through Sunday), there will be face-to-face classroom instruction, seminars, and networking events.

In between the on-campus residencies, you will remain engaged through an integrative online learning experience. You will participate in interactive online class sessions using web conferencing to reinforce course concepts and prepare for the next on-campus residency. During the summer of the first and second year, you will work with your mentor directly to develop your program of research, either in-person or online.

In the third year, you will work closely with your mentor to develop and complete your dissertation, a unique piece of applied research that contributes to the body of knowledge in your field. You will visit the campus at least twice during the third year: once to defend your research proposal, and once to defend your dissertation. While not required, program participants are encouraged to schedule additional on-site visits with their mentor as needed during their third year.