A fundamental component of the Executive DBA experience is the close working relationship that you will have with faculty members. The mentor-student relationship is an apprenticeship that enables development and hands-on research training. Your mentor will provide close guidance regarding research, portfolio and professional development.

You will meet frequently, either in person or online, with your DBA mentor to discuss your projects, review coursework, and ensure that you are progressing through the program.

“Mentorship is a cornerstone of the Executive DBA program. Our job as faculty is to guide students in developing a program of research tailored to their needs.”

– Ron Anderson, Chair of Finance Department and Professor of Finance

Partnerships with Impact

Responsible for operations and the development of global offices and sales teams, Jeff Pepin has a vested interest in investigating the ways organizations develop and nurture effective leaders. In partnership with Fox School professor Dr. John Deckop, whose research interests include spirituality and work, Pepin developed a research agenda that will explore the link between increased mindfulness and greater leadership effectiveness.

“Given his extensive business experience, Jeff hit the ground running when it came to meeting the analytical challenges of developing a theoretical framework for his paper. The potential benefits of his research to his organization are apparent and compelling.

– John Deckop, Professor of Human Resources Management